WorkGuru's project groups can be grouped together for reporting purposes to display forecast vs actual values as a dashboard.   This can be used to provide live reporting on an annual maintenance contract etc.

Create the parent project group. Do not select any projects.

Create or edit and existing project and ensure the parent project is selected in the Parent Project Group Dropdown.   These project groups would generally have projects selected.

As the projects in the child project groups capture actuals and are invoiced either via the project group or within the project itself, the metrics will be displayed at the parent level as a dashboard.  The dashboard will summarise each project group and the widgets will show the overall totals of all projects underneath the parent.

Note: You can only invoice via the project group at the level that contains projects.   You cannot invoice at the parent level, all the project groups underneath it.  However, there is no restriction on the parent group having projects assigned to it.