One of the key reasons to use project groups is the ability to centrally invoice across multiple projects.   Project groups allow you to raise invoices per Client or per Project.

NOTE:  You cannot raise invoices for child project groups from a parent.

From the project group detail page, confirm the projects in the project groups have up to date actuals and click the Quick Invoice button in the quick actions button.

On the new invoice page, fill out the relevant fields:

  • Invoice Description - invoice specific description for display on invoice templates.
  • Date - Invoice date
  • DueDate - Invoice due date
  • Invoice Type -
  • Percentage - Invoice entered percentage of the forecast value of all projects in project group.
  • Completed Tasks - Invoice the forecast value of completed tasks of all projects in the project group.
  • Actuals - Invoice the value of the actuals (timesheets, disbursements and material usage) of all projects in the project group that haven't been previously invoiced.
  • Invoices for Project Starting After - Only invoice projects in the project group that start after this date.
  • Invoices for Projects Due Before - Only invoice projects in the project group that end before this date.
  • 1 x Invoice per Client - Invoiced projects with the same client will be consolidated into one invoice.  Total number of invoices raised will equal the number of clients depending on selected invoice type.
  • 1x Invoice per Project - Invoices will be raised for each project.  Total number of invoices raised will equal the number of projects in the project group depending on the selected invoice type.

Click Create Invoices when complete.  The invoices raised, based on the previous screen will display as drafts. If no invoices display, the project group invoice options selected do not require an invoice.

The project group invoices will need to be approved as per any other invoice raised in WorkGuru.   This can be done from the Drafts tab of the Invoices dashboard.   Project group invoices will not have have a project or stock sale number in the Source column.