Project groups in WorkGuru is a powerful workflow tool that lets you group projects together to manage and or invoice centrally.  What or how you group projects together is entirely up to your individual workflow.

When projects are added to a group, the project group detail page will combine the forecast and actual information from each project together so you can easily see overall profit and progress of multiple projects in one spot.   Project groups also allow you to centrally invoice all projects in the group if it suits your particular project and invoicing workflow.

Project Groups are managed as a hierarchy.  You can't add actuals to a project group.  All actuals such as timesheets, stock usage, purchasing, notes and files etc are managed directly in the individual projects assigned to the group.

An example of an application of a project group hierarchy is a company that has an annual contract to service vehicles for a regional council.   Instead of just managing the project as a large number of individual projects over the support contract, utilising project groups you could easily group the projects by year and month.   This allows you to instantly view the the profitability of the:

  • Each service - the individual project profitability.
  • Per Month - Combined profit in a monthly project group.
  • Overall support contact - Combined profit of each month.

Parent Project Group - The annual support contract.

Child Project Groups - Monthly services.  A group for each month which contains the services (projects) for that month.

Individual projects - A project for each service in the monthly project group.