If you need to change or update a production job's details or line items, you can do this via editing the job.  If you do change the line items on the projects, the forecast values on the production job's progress and cost widgets will change.   This can be useful if there are any changes mid production, such as a custom field needs to be update or there is a variation required.

NOTE:  Updating the production job will NOT affect any actuals accrued on the job to date.  Production line items that have actuals accrued will not be able to be deleted.

To edit the production job, open the production job detail page by clicking on the Job No in the production job dashboard.

From the production job detail page, click Edit Production Job from the Quick Actions menu.On the edit production job page, you can update both the job details and the output, task and product line items. NOTE: If you need to remove a line and the delete X is not present, that means that line item has actuals against it and cannot be removed. For example, you cannot remove the task line as it has a timesheet entry.

Click Save to apply your changes.