To create a production job in WorkGuru, the prerequisite required is to have the product you are producing is already setup as a FIFO (stock controlled) product in the WorkGuru product list.

Production jobs in WorkGuru function in a similar to projects.  The key difference, is the output of a production job is the produced product(s) at the production jobs unit cost.   

To create a production job:

  1. Access the production job dashboard from Projects -> Production Jobs
  2. Click the Actions button and select Add a Production Job
  3. Complete the production job details
    1. ProjectNo:  Production job number, leave blank by default to pickup the next unique number in the series.
    2. Project Name: Production job name.
    3. Start Date: Forecast production start date.
    4. Due Date: Forecast production end date.
    5. Project Manager: Staff member managing the production job.
    6. Project Status: Production status.
    7. Warehouse:  Stock location were the output product will be adjusted to and default component product stock location.
    8. Add Template to Production Job:  Automate the data entry when preparing production jobs by having all the output, task and product lines already setup ready to go in a template.   Using the template quantity and merge functions will help when creating more than one output product to ensure the time and components are multiplied correctly.  Learn how to setup production job templates here
  4. Add the Output Line. This is the product(s) that will be created and adjusted into stock when the production job has been completed
    1. SKU:  Product sku search field.  Must already be setup as a FIFO stock item.
    2. Name: Product name search field.
    3. Quantity:  Quantity of product produced.   The total cost of the production job's actuals will be divided by this number on completion to create the unit cost.
  5. Add the Tasks. Add the forecast labour required to produce the output product and quantity.
  6. Add the Products. Add the stock and non-stock products required to produce the output product and quantity.
  7. Once the output, task and product lines have been added and confirmed, click Save Production Job. The new production job is now available on the production job dashboard.