If your project requires an SKU that you make yourself, instead of purchasing, you can raise a production job directly from the project's materials tab.  Once the production has been completed, the SKU is added back on the project by the use materials function.

From the project's Materials tab, select the SKU required to be produced and click Raise Production Job when it becomes available.

WorkGuru will prompt you to apply production templates that include the selected SKU in the template's output lines.  The production templates that include the SKU in the output lines will be displayed in bold.  You can also choose to create an ad-hoc production bill of materials if required.

The production job is created using the selected template as per normal.  When saved, the job is created with the source project appended to the job name.

Once created, the project is managed and completed via your normal workflow.   The final step is using the produced SKU back in the source project by using materials from stock on hand.