Production jobs in WorkGuru allow you to capture the time, material usage and purchases required to build a product that can be used later on a project or stock sale.  Although you are capturing the same actuals as a project, the fundamental difference between the two is a production job does not have a 'client', the production job output is properly costed product(s) increasing your stock on hand by the quantity produced.

As the output of a production job is increasing the stock on hand quantity of the production SKUs, to invoice the production job's output, the SKU needs to be added to a project or stock sale.  The decision to use a production job or a project is generally determined by if you are invoicing the build immediately to a client or not.  Production jobs also allow you to simplify your project structure as you only need one SKU line on the project compared to the multiple task and product lines in the required bill of materials.   This works really well if your workflow requires sub-assemblies on a larger project etc.

For repeating production, you can create bill of materials by using production templates.  Again these templates are very similar to project templates, the only difference being the output line.

Once the production job is created with its forecast output and task, product lines, it is ready to capture the relevant actuals: timesheets, stock usage and purchase orders and manage the job exactly the same way you would do that with a standard WorkGuru project.  Watch an overview of production jobs in WorkGuru.


Timesheets are added to a production job by the same methods as a WorkGuru project. The active production jobs will display with projects in the project dropdown of all timesheet entry methods, including the kiosk. The production job and then the task need to be selected to enter the timesheet time/length and notes.

Stock Usage

Stock used on the project is managed via the Use Materials button on the production job's quick actions menu just like a project.   The stock location and the Use All Forecast/Remaining Materials shortcuts all function the same. Material usage is logged with the user and timestamp in the materials tab just like a project.

Purchase Orders

Production job purchase orders are also raised just like a project.  The production job purchase orders are treated the same as a project - disbursement purchase allocating 100% of the PO value to the cost of the production job. Purchase orders can be raised from the Add Purchase Order button on the production job's quick actions menu or raised pre-populated from the purchasing buttons on the production job's materials tab.