You do not need to wait until you have produced all the output lines in your production jobs before you can mark them as complete.  Production jobs allow you to output your SKU's completed to date on a larger production job.

If you need to output the SKU's completed to date and are planning on continuing to produce the remainder, click the Complete Production Job in the job's Quick Actions menu.

The production job will prompt if there are any incomplete actuals on the job.  Cancel to finallise or Ok to continue.

Confirm the production job is as up to date as possible.  For example, you have produced 5 SKU's so far, so the production job should contain the labour, stock usage and purchase orders required for that output.

  • Actual Quantity - Ensure that you accurately enter the quantity produced to date
  • Do you want to create a new Production Job for missing outputs? - Ensure that this option is selected to partially complete the production job correctly.
  • Do you want to capitalise labour costs? - Decide if you want to capitalise your labour costs.   Do you want to include the labour cost component in the stock on hand value?
  • I'm 100% sure I've included everything - Confirm you are 100% sure you've included all actuals related to the output/actual quantity entered above.

The production job's output SKU's will now be moved into stock with the unit cost calculated by the job's actual cost to date divided by the actual quantity.  This original job will be marked as completed, and a new production job will be automatically created with the remaining production forecast minus the previous actuals.

The new production job will retain the original's job number will a /x suffix.   The production can continue on this production job.