In WorkGuru, invoices must be raised from either a project or a stock sale.  It is important to note you can only invoice BILLABLE line items, so the billable status when setting up your project or stock sale is important.

Once the invoice has been approved and sent to Xero, the invoice is locked and can no longer be edited or deleted to prevent balance issues between Xero and WorkGuru.  As per accounting best practices, once an invoice has been approved with an invoice number and sent to a client and Xero, it is not recommended that that invoice be changed.  If there is a legitimate reason a change is required, it is recommended that credit notes are used.  There is a process to delete and re-issue an invoice but care must be taken that the same actions are made on the Xero side as well.

Invoices in WorkGuru must be raised from either a project or a stock sale:

Once an invoice has been raised from a project or stock sale, it will be created as a draft.  This allows you to double check the invoice is correct and either Approve, Edit changes or if incorrect, Delete and then re-issue with the correct invoicing options form the stock sale or project.  Note: The invoice will NOT be issued with an invoice number until it is approved.

Stock Sales allow you to skip the draft step and raise approved invoices either directly or when fully dispatching the sale.  It is assumed that the sale is checked to be correct before invoicing in this case.

It is possible to manage the staff's ability to invoice projects via their role permissions on whether they can approve an invoice or not.

For example, the project team can raise an invoice but can only save as a draft.   Then a project manager or the finance team, who have invoice approval permissions can review and approve the invoices from either the project's Invoices tab or stock sale's detail or centrally via the invoice dashboard's Draft tab.

Invoices in any status can then be managed centrally via the invoices dashboard.