WorkGuru allows you to create custom fields to capture data that is specific to your individual workflows.   A feature of these custom fields is you can display the data on relevant document templates.

To display a custom field on a document template you first need to determine the fields name (not label).  You can get the field name from the Custom Field dashboard.  Note: Custom field name cannot contain spaces.

Using the custom field name, create or edit the relevant document template and add the custom field name preceded with the word "Custom" within the usual document field square brackets.  Example syntax:  [CustomFieldName].

Using the above example, to print the VIN, the document template field would be [CustomVIN]

NOTE: Custom fields can only be displayed on the relevant documentation that matches the field type.   For example, Client custom fields can only be displayed on document templates that allow client information so a client custom field will not print on a purchase order.  Project custom fields are not available to print on a quote template etc.