In some scenarios you need transactions in WorkGuru for costing and reporting purposes, but they do not need to be sent to Xero as they already exist in Xero.   This is important to ensure there is no duplication.  For example, historical work in progress for imported projects, or purchases where project expenses have already been created directly in Xero.

To prevent transactions from sending to Xero, use Skip Send to Accounting and Mark as Sent functions on the relevant transactions:

 These functions remove the transaction from the Xero queue.   If a transaction has been incorrectly skipped from the Xero queue, use the Queue Resend to Accounting and Mark as Unsent to add the transactions back to the Xero queue to be sent to Xero.   

Note: for reporting and audit purposes, the Sent to Accounting date for any transaction that has been manually skipped will default to 01/01/1900.

Skip Send to Accounting

For the following transactions, click Skip Send to Accounting to remove the transaction from the Xero queue:

Purchase Orders


Credit Notes

Mark as Sent

If the stock module is active, you can also choose to exclude stock movements from being sent to Xero.  Click Mark as Sent to remove the stock movements from the Xero queue:

Stock Takes

Stock Adjustments