If you would like to track time outside of billable projects in WorkGuru, it is recommended that you create a non-billable or "internal" project which contains tasks that are approved for non-project time such as meetings, leave, training or professional development etc.  This project will allow staff to switch between billable project work and non-billable 'admin' work so they record the correct payroll hours for the period.

To setup an internal job, create a project with the following settings:

  • Client - Use your own organisation as the project client/contact.
  • Schedule - Set the project completion date for a date far in the future if you want the internal job to be perpetual (to prevent expiry).  Another option is to schedule the project to a calendar or financial year, and use the template or copy project to create a new internal project for the next period.
  • Tasks - Create relevant tasks and assign them to the project, ensuring they are set to non-billable.  If the task visibility permission is not set to Can add Timesheets to All Tasks, make sure all staff are allocated to the tasks.
  • Project State - Create a custom project status such as "Internal". This allows you to very quickly exclude your internal non-billable projects from project/profitability reporting.

The same workflow can apply to other internal projects such as business development, sales and lead management, quoting etc.

Note: Time added to internal non-billable projects will be sent to Xero payroll.