WorkGuru can capture timesheets on projects in two ways, Daily and Weekly.   Each mode suits different workflows. Daily, better suits projects were staff work on and complete a specific task or tasks within a day.   You can confirm which setting your WorkGuru is switched to in Administration -> Settings -> General -> Timesheet Type.  

The Add Timesheet popup is the same regardless of how the user chooses to add their timesheets. The only difference with each method is how much has been pre-populated for you (user, project etc). Complete the timesheet details as required, WorkGuru will prompt if any required fields are missed.

  • User - Defaults to the logged in user.  Depending on permissions, you can change the user to submit timesheets on behalf of another user.
  • Project - Available projects. This dropdown will display a list of projects contextual to the selected user's permissions and task assignment.
  • Tasks - Available task list for the selected project.  This dropdown will display a list of the project's tasks contextual to the selected user's permissions and task assignment.
  • Start Time: This is the start date and time of the timesheet.  You can enter time manually or use the date/time picker to enter time correctly without a keyboard.
  • Finish Time: This is the end time and time of the timesheet. Note: A timesheet that runs from 21:00 to 06:00 is considered to run from 9pm in the evening, to 6am the next morning
  • Length - The duration of the time calculated from the start and finish date/times.
  • Billable Length - By default the same as the length.  This allows you to write up or down the time billed to the client if you raise invoices based on actual time without affecting the actual cost of the timesheet.  For example, there was a training component to the task so you can't bill the entire time staff spent on completing the task.
  • Notes - Timesheet specific notes

Once you have entered all of these fields, click Save Timesheet to complete the timesheet entry. Timesheets are now available to be managed in the timesheet dashboard and the project's Time tab.