There are two ways to add a timesheet in WorkGuru. The first of these, is from the Projects Dashboard. To go to the Projects Dashboard, click Projects --> Dashboard

From the Quick Actions bar on the left, click Add a Timesheet

You'll then see the Add Timesheet Screen

The Add Timesheet has 5 compulsory fields

1. Start Date: This is the date that the timesheet started. 

2. Start Time: This is the start time of the timesheet

3. End Time: This is the end time of the timesheet. Please note: if the end time is before the start time, it is assumed that the timesheet ran into the next day. That is a timesheet that runs from 21:00 to 06:00 is considered to run from 9pm in the evening, to 6am the next morning

4. Project: The Project that the timesheet is for. The items in this list will be limited to the projects to which a user has been assigned.
5. Task: The Task on that project for which this timesheet is for. Again, this list will be limited to tasks to which the user has been assigned.

Once you have entered all of these fields, the length of the timesheet will be calculated automatically, and the screen will look like the picture below.

To save your timesheet, click Create, and you're done!