Although invoices in WorkGuru can only be raised in individual projects and stock sales, they can be managed centrally in the invoices dashboard.

The invoices dashboard allows you to search invoices by invoice number, client name, stock sale or project reference and client purchase order number.  The search results can be refined by invoice start and end date range and/or Approved, Draft, Unpaid or All tabs.

The invoice dashboard will also indicate the payment and sent status of individual invoices.  Full paid invoices are denoted with a green tick and partially paid via an orange tick.  Invoices that have been successfully emailed to the client via WorkGuru will be displayed with an envelope icon.

The Approved and Unpaid tabs allow you to select invoices to bulk email invoices out to clients as a batch.  The difference between the tabs being the default email template, with each tabs using the relevant invoice or unpaid invoice default email templates.

The Draft tab allows you to select invoices to bulk approve centrally.   This is useful administratively if your workflow only allows staff to raise draft invoices, but are checked and approved by a manager or financial team.

Clicking on the invoice number will open the invoice detail page.  The invoice detail page displays the invoice details, payments applied and accounting integration status of the invoice.  You can also add and view information added to the invoice in the Files, Notes and Email History tabs.

Options available on the invoice depending on status (Approved, Draft, Sent to Accounting) are: