WorkGuru allows you to edit invoices as long as they are in the appropriate condition to do so.   Editing invoices does not allow you to add or remove line items, only adjust their invoice details values, alternate GL mappings and tax codes.   If you need to change the line items on the invoice, you need to delete re-raise the invoice from the project or stocks sale.

Invoices are only available to be edited if they are not marked as Sent to Accounting.  If the invoice does not display the Edit and Delete buttons, it is not in the correct state to edit.  If you need to edit an invoice that has been sent to accounting, you need to select Queue Resend to Accounting.  Note:  Be aware if you change the invoice value, it will not change the corresponding invoice that has already been sent and exists in Xero.  You will need to ensure any changes are balanced between both WorkGuru and Xero.

To edit an invoice, select the required invoice from the invoice dashboard to open the invoice details page.

If the invoice is available to be edited, the Edit and Delete buttons will be present.  If they are not, check the Sent to Accounting? status.   Click Edit to open the invoice edit page.

Edit the available invoice fields as required.  Note: Editing an invoice does not allow you change the invoice line items, if this is required delete and re-issue the invoice.

  • Invoice Details
    • ClientPurchaseOrder - Update or add the client approval reference if it is not present on the project or stock sale.
    • Description - Defaults to the project or stock sale details.
    • Reference - Update to add the invoice reference
    • Date - Modify the invoice date.
    • DueDate - Modify the invoice due date.
    • Reporting Category -Change the Xero reporting categories if they are active.
  • Invoice Line Items
    • Description - Update or add line item description
    • Price - Modify line item unit price
    • Qty - Modify line item unit quantity.
    • Account Code - Change the line item's alternate general ledger account.
    • Tax Type - Change the line item's tax account.
  • Invoice Sub Totals
    • Rounding - Update or add invoice rounding.
    • Tax Rounding - Update or add tax rounding.

Once the required edits are complete, click Save Invoice