Attached are examples of invoice document templates.  The different templates are optimised to suit the different billing methods in WorkGuru.  You do not require all of them to invoice in WorkGuru, just the ones that match the way you invoice.  

These templates are to be edited to make them specific to your WorkGuru.   Please update the branding, information and formatting as required.

  • Stock Sale - Optimised for stock sale invoices (no project or task fields)
  • Default Invoice - Standard invoice template, optimised for actual or quoted/forecast project invoices.
  • Invoice with Images - Default invoice with small product images.
  • Project Group Invoice - Includes project info for use with invoices raised from project groups.  Note when invoicing disbursement actuals, they are printed in the products table for project group invoicing only.
  • Milestone/Progress Invoice - Includes information specific to progress or milestone project invoicing for tasks and products tables.  Allows you to list agreed (quote/forecast) value, % and value invoiced to date, % and value invoiced now and value remaining for all line items.
  • Timesheet Invoice - Task table includes timesheet detail when invoicing actuals.
  • Thermal POS Receipt - This template is designed to be used with POS thermal receipt printers using standard 80mm thermal receipt paper.
  • Phase Summary - Displays the names, progress and invoiced values of phases only.
  • Phase Detail - Displays the name and total value of phases with an list of included tasks/products.