WorkGuru forms also include the ability to display timesheets for a particular project you can use to build signoff or authorisation style forms.   The timesheets field type requires more configuration than the other types.

To use timesheet forms fields create a form using the timesheet field type.

Create a form template using Microsoft Word. Example of a basic timesheet authorisation form:

The specific requirements to be able to display the timesheet data correctly on the form output are:

  • Ensure that the timesheet fields are added in a table WITH a header.  Tables without headers will not display data even if the fields are correct.
  • The table needs to have its table properties Alt Text Description contains Timesheets

Confirm the form and template are correct and use the Select Files button on the form upload the template to the from.  Click Save Form.

On a project with timesheets detail page,  select the form with timesheets and click the Fill Form button.

Complete and Save the form.   Note the timesheet field prompts for a date range of the timesheets you want to display.

The completed form is added to the files tab of the project and the timesheets within the selected date range will then populate the timesheet table in the form template.