Custom Fields can be added to WorkGuru from the +Add a Custom Field button on the Custom filed dashboard.

Complete the following fields:

  • Name - Note this field must not contain any spaces or special characters as this is the tag the merge field references when used on document templates eg: [CustomFieldName]
  • Label - The descriptive name for the field.  Can contain spaces etc.
  • Type - Type of field which defines the format of the field and how it displays.
    • Short Text - Short text field.
    • Long Text - Long expandable text field.
    • Number - Number only field.  Can't enter alpha or special characters.
    • Date - Popup calendar date picker.
    • Link - Enter a URL that is clickable on the document.
    • Dropdown - Create a selectable list.
  • Mandatory? - Mark the field as Mandatory so it will prompt the user if it hasn't been filled out.
  • Select Supported Document Types - Where do you want the custom field to appear.   You can select multiple documents if required.  The data will flow heirachally if support.  Eg Lead -> Quote -> Project.

Click Save to add the new custom field.