During the initial integration between WorkGuru and Xero, one of the requirements is to set the default General Ledger (GL) mappings and currency settings.   As Xero's chart of accounts and currency requirements evolve to meet changing business requirements, it may be necessary to change or update the default GLs in WorkGuru to ensure transactions sent to Xero are being coded correctly.

You can edit the mapped GL accounts in WorkGuru with the following steps:

  1. Before updating Xero GL Accounts, it is best practice to refresh the Chart of Accounts in WorkGuru before updating.  You can update the from the Xero dashboard at Administration -> Accounting -> Xero
  2. Open the accounting settings page at Administration -> Accounting -> Settings
  3. Select the required Xero GL accounts, tax and currency options for all the fields.
  4. Click Save to apply the changes.