If you notice your pricing for items have changed when costing stock purchase orders against the supplier invoice, WorkGuru has a handy tool available to update your product database pricing immediately.

When costing purchase orders, WorkGuru tracks your original buy price against the price on the supplier invoice. If the cost pricing is different and you want to record this for future purchases, or if it has changed significantly enough to warrant a sell price update to maintain a required margin, you can update this from the PO by using the Update Product Pricing link the PO detail page.  NOTE: the update product pricing link won't be available if there is no difference in pricing between the buy price and the invoice price OR if it is a project purchase order.

The Update Product Pricing screen will display any line item that was costed on the PO with a different supplier invoice price.  Line items on the PO that don't have a different supplier price won't be displayed.

Using this function, you can update the pricing in the product database with the new buy price, and if required, a new sell price which you can either manually enter or use the included markup percentage field to calculate for you.

Once submitted the new pricing is saved against that product record in the database for use on the next purchase order, quote, project or invoice.