The lead tracker in WorkGuru allows you to create leads (a possible sales opportunity or tender), manage your sales or tender pipeline and track your client activities and communication.  When a lead is won, you can easily convert it to a project or stocksale, eliminating double entry.

How you use the WorkGuru lead manager is determined by the amount of information you want to track up to and including deciding to raise a quote for a sales opportunity and/or tender.   It is aim is to allow you to manage relevant information centrally in the one location for:

  • Sales - Manage your sales workflow up to and including completing a quote.
  • Tenders - Manage your tender workflow and track multiple quotes for the different tender clients.

Leads can centralise information so it is visiable in the one place for staff with the relevant permissions to see easily.

  • Quotes - You can add multiple quotes to a lead. Quotes can also be assigned to cleints separate to the lead (tenders).
  • Categories - Customise lead categories for personalised reporting.
  • Stages - Customise lead stages to suite your individual sales workflows.
  • Activities - Assign lead activities to specific staff.
  • Notes - Record leads specific notes.
  • Files - Keep relevant files in the one place.
  • Emails - When corresponding with your lead client, you can 'cc' the lead to save emails and attachments directly to the lead.

Leads can be finalised by marking them either won or lost.   Marking as won automatically creates a stocksale or project of the accepted quote.  Marking a lead as lost provides valuable sales data as to who, what, or why the quote wasn't accepted at the time.