Adding landed costs that a supplier has invoiced you on the same invoice as the items supplied is usually applied when costing a purchase order:

  1. Locate the approved purchase order you want to add landed costs to from the purchase order dashboard.   Purchases -> Purchases
  2. Click on the Purchase Order Number to access the purchase order detail page.
  3. Click Receive Purchase Order from the actions button at the bottom of the detail page
  4. Receive or Cost the purchase order as per the the normal process referencing the supplier invoice.  Dates, Qty's, unit costs etc
  5. Click the Add Landed Cost button above the sub totals
  6. Add the landed cost information to match the supplier invoice
    1. Landed Cost - Short description of the cost (Surcharge, Shipping etc)
    2. Amount - Amount charged by the supplier
    3. Tax Type - Tax component of the landed cost as per the supplier invoice.
  7. Confirm totals and click Save

The landed costs will then be attributed across the FIFO line items by weighted by qty and value.   You can confirm the final landed unit cost by searching for a relevant SKU in Stock -> Stock -> See Stock Movements.