As WorkGuru is a proper perpetual/FIFO stock system, it allows you to process a supplier invoice on an approved purchase order before you physically receive the stock.   This is especially handy when you purchase off supplier B2B or web portals.

Raise and approve a new stock or project purchase order for the required products or services.

When you have received the suppliers tax invoice, from the purchase order dashboard, click on the purchase order number to open the orders detail page.   You can quickly identify which orders have not been costed as they won't have a Invoice Date and  Supplier Invoice Number listed.

Click on Update Invoice Details (Not Receive Purchase Order

Complete the Invoice fields on the purchase order. You will note here you cannot enter a received date - this is to prevent WorkGuru from increasing SOH when you just have the invoice.

Cost the purchase order by updating the WorkGuru order quantity, pricing and additional costs to exactly match the supplier's invoice totals:

  • Invoice Date - As per the supplier's invoice.
  • Invoice Due Date - As per the supplier's invoice.Supplier due date
  • Supplier Invoice Number - As per the supplier's invoice.
  • Currency/Exchange Rate - If the supplier's invoice is issued in another currency, select and update the rate as required. (Optional).  Note:  Currencies need to be setup before it can be used on a purchase order.
  • Invoice Qty - As per the suppliers invoice (this can potentially be different from the qty received).
  • Invoice Price - Update the line item pricing to match the suppliers invoice.
  • Add Product - Add any additional line items to match the suppliers invoice.  Note for project purchase orders, ensure landed costs are added as line items (shipping etc)
  • Add Landed Cost - Add any landed costs charged on the suppliers invoice. (Stock purchase only)
  • Rounding - Allows you to add a adjustment value to resolve rounding discrepancies between the suppliers and WorkGuru's unit calculations to ensure the unit item and order totals match.
  • Tax Total - Allows you to add an adjustment value to resolve tax discrepancies between the suppliers and WorkGuru's tax calculations to ensure the unit item and order totals match.

Confirm the totals match the suppliers invoice and click Save.

On the purchase order dashboard, the purchase order will remain in the approved tab until received. It will indicate that it has been costed against a supplier invoice by listing the supplier invoice number. The purchase order will also be available in the dashboard's Billed not Received view.

Now the purchase order matches the supplier invoice, WorkGuru will queue it to be sent to Xero to reconcile the bill to your payment to the supplier.   NOTE:  If the bill created in Xero is left in draft, any updates to the invoice details in WorkGuru will update the draft bill in Xero.   This functionality stops when the bill is approved in Xero.