If your supplier has sent you more products than ordered, you can receipt in what was received, and then decide whether you will accept the extra or return it to the supplier for credit.  This usually needs to be followed up with the supplier and dependant on what you've been invoiced for.

  1. From the relevant approved purchase order's detail page, click Receive Purchase Order.
  2. Receive the PO as normal with the information from the supplier invoice (invoice number, dates, landed costs etc).  When receiving the line items, enter the amount actually received.
  3. This will increase the value of the PO. to match the value of the extra line items.   Depending on what you want to do with these extras, the workflow will breakdown generally around the following:
    1. Invoiced for the original quantity and keeping the product: adjust the unit price to cover the extra products with the same value of the original order.  This will reduce the unit costs of the other qty.
    2. Invoiced for the original order quantity and not keeping the product:  receive in the original order qty and send the extra back to the supplier.  A stock adjustment is not required as it was not received into stock.
    3. Invoiced for the extra quantity and not keeping the product: raise a supplier credit note in Xero to claim the extra value back from the supplier.  Adjust out the extra qty via a stock adjustment for the received value when you send them back to the Supplier (NOTE: only required for stock orders.  Project orders do not need this step)
    4. Invoiced for the extra quantity and keeping the product: No action needed, the supplier invoice will match the received quantity.