When setting up tables to display recurring information in WorkGuru, they have a couple of pre-requisites to be completed so they are able to display the information correctly.


The table must have a header row, even if it is blank. WorkGuru won't display table rows without a header, even if the row fields have been correctly added. Note that the header (E.g. Products) must be entered directly above the lines that will be auto populated.

Table Properties

The table's alt text description field needs to be filled in so WorkGuru knows which data it needs to populate the rows with.  If you are setting up a table from scratch: 

  1. Right click the table and open the table properties
  2. Select the Alt Text tab
  3. Enter the following text in the Description field depending on the type of table it is:
    1. Task - Tasks
    2. Products/Materials - Products
    3. Invoice Billable Purchase Order Disbursements - Purchases
    4. Invoice Timesheets - Timesheets
    5. Project Purchase Order Line Items - PurchaseLines
    6. Invoice Payments - Payments
  4. Once your tables have been set up correctly, ensure you have entered the correct merge fields to populate your document accordingly. Please note that WorkGuru reads these and matches them to pre-defined fields, so they must match exactly to work. See here for available merge fields (https://support.workguru.io/support/solutions/articles/43000512873-document-template-field-library)