The WorkGuru lead tracker offers functionality useful when tracking tender submissions with correct sale forecast values.   To manage tender quotes in WorkGuru lead tracker, we treat the lead as the tender, and the quotes in the tender are issued to different clients.   

The difference to a lead is that a tender is usually where you are issuing the same or similar proposals that meet the tender requirements to different tender clients. As you are issuing essentially the same quote multiple times, and only one client's quote is going to be marked "won", you do not want the duplicate tender quotes to increase the quote forecast or pipeline value.

To manage a tender in WorkGuru, from the lead tracker dashboard, click Add a New Lead.

On the new lead page, fill out the fields with the tender details.  The tender 'client' and contact are usually the details of the tender issuer, the quotes will have different clients.

From the lead details page, click Add Quote to enter the quote meeting the tender requirements to the first client.   Note when adding a quote from the lead, the quote will be pre-populated with the lead client details.  Change or Add the client in the tender the quote will be issued to.

To duplicate quotes quickly to issue to multiple tender clients, you can either copy the first quote or save it as a template. Then all you need to do when copying or applying a template on a new quote is to change the client.

When creating the duplicate tender quotes, it is important to tick Exclude from Sales Forecast to prevent duplication of the value of the quotes in the sales pipeline reporting.  This will ensure that the value of tender (lead) is only the value of the quote you specify.

If you are successful with one of the tender clients, click Mark as Won, otherwise Mark as Lost.

Select the tender quote/client that was successful.

The successful quote will convert into a project or stocksale.   All unsuccessful quotes in the tender will be declined as lost automatically for historical reporting.