WorkGuru provides a number of ways for users to submit a timesheet to a project.   This flexibiliy allows you to enter time easily across all potential workflows.  With the exception of the WorkGuru Timer method, the timesheet entry screen is exactly the same with all options.

User Dashboard

The primary method to add time using the web interface is via the My Timesheets widget on the user's WorkGuru dashboard.

WorkGuru Timer

The WorkGuru Timer is available in the header of any page via the clock icon.  This allows you to simply start and stop a timer to add time accurately to the project without using the kiosk.

Project Dashboard

The projects dashboard's Quick Actions menu.

Project Details

If the user has access to the projects details page, they can enter timesheets from the project's Quick Actions menu. Note: If the Add a Timesheet option is not available, the WorkGuru timesheets are set to the Weekly entry method.

Kiosk Application

The Kiosk is designed for use in a static location such as a workshop where many users to add timesheets on the one device.  Kiosk timesheet entry is optimised for a start/stop timer, but you can enter times manually if required.  Note:  The kiosk is NOT compatible with the weekly timesheet method.

iOS/Android Mobile Applications

The WorkGuru mobile applications are designed to use on a user's personal device where they are entering timesheets for themselves only.