Configuring your WorkGuru and Xero integration

WorkGuru is designed to seamlessly push your invoices, purchases orders, Stock on Hand and Cost of Goods sold through to your Xero account.

1. Connect to Xero
Go to the Accounting -> Xero page, and click the Connect to Xero button.

You will then be prompted to allow access to your Xero organisation. Click the Allow Access Button

WorkGuru now has access to your Xero organisation.

2. The next step is to sync  your Tax Rates, and Chart of Accounts from Xero into WorkGuru so we can set up default accounts.

In the "Before You Start" Section. Click on Get Tax Rates and wait for the page to reload. Then Click on Get Chart of Accounts. This will load the relevant information into our database.

Please note: You may not use Xero's built in Inventory account for your Stock on Hand. Create a separate Current Asset Account (in this example, called Stock on Hand) to receipt your purchase orders.

Once these steps have been completed. Click "Set Defaults" to set the default account and Tax Rates for your Xero and WorkGuru integration. Alternatively, you can always access this page by navigating to Accounting -> Settings.

From this page, you can set the default accounts for your Sales, Expenses, Stock on Hand and Cost of Goods Sold. You can also specify default sales and purchase tax rates.

Once you've completed, your configuration, click Save.