Receiving a purchase order correctly in WorkGuru is really important as it is automating two tasks:

  • Costing the order to match the supplier invoice.  This ensures all products are landed at the correct cost as they match exactly what you have been invoiced for.   This also ensures the draft bill created in the accounting system matches exactly what you need to pay the Supplier, making reconciliation easier.'
  • Ensures the correct stock quantity in received into the stock on hand at the correct branch.

As WorkGuru is a FIFO/Perpetual inventory system, you can receive your products without a supplier invoice.

To fully receive a purchase order, open the order's details page by clicking on the order number in the purchase order dashboard.

From the relevant approved purchase order's detail page, click Receive Purchase Order.  If receive purchase order is not available, check the order state is approved.

To receive the purchase order, enter the following: 

  • Received date - Date the items physically arrived at your location.
  • Received Qty - Quantity physically received, There is also a green Receive All button to shortcut this function if you know you have received everything ordered.  If you have received a additional or substituted products to what is ordered, click the Add Product to add the relevant Sku to the order.

It is important that the quantity matches the product quantity physically received.   If you enter a different qty, WorkGuru will prompt to backorder.

If you do not have the supplier invoice, click Save to receive the products at the default costings.  You can update pricing on the received items later when you receive the supplier invoice. NOTE: Once saved, you cannot edit or change the quantity received on the purchase order.   If you need to reverse or adjust the purchases stock movement, you will need to adjust stock out via a stock adjustment and/or apply a supplier credit note.

If you do have the supplier invoice when you receive your stock, you can fully receive and cost the purchase order at the same time.   In addition to the received date and quantity, complete the following:

  • Invoice Date - Date on the supplier invoice
  • Invoice Due Date - Due date from the supplier invoice
  • Supplier Invoice Number - The invoice reference number of the supplier invoice.  This is sent through to the accounting system for payment reference.
  • Invoice Price - Enter the unit price on the supplier invoice if different to the order's buy price
  • Add Landed cost - Add landed costs on the supplier invoice if required.  Note: Only available on stock purchase orders.  For project purchase orders, click Add Product to add the landed cost as a standard line item.
  • Rounding - Allows you to add a adjustment value to resolve rounding discrepancies between the suppliers and WorkGuru's unit calculations to ensure the unit item and order totals match.
  • Tax Total - Allows you to add an adjustment value to resolve tax discrepancies between the suppliers and WorkGuru's tax calculations to ensure the unit item and order totals match.

Ensure that the totals match the suppliers invoice, do not save the order until they do.  This ensures that the items are received correctly.  Reasons that may cause a difference may be:

Confirm the qty and values match what has been received and totals match the supplier invoice, click Save to fully receive the order.