Due to WorkGuru's flexibility to be able to invoice any line item for any qty, fixed amount or percentage, the resulting subtotal can calculate to a long decimal number.   This has the potential to cause issues with subtotal rounding back to two decimal places of the unit costs when importing the invoice to Xero.

When you have selected an invoicing type that will cause a rounding issue, it will prompt to change the quantity for each line affected to 1.   This converts the line to a qty of 1 of the rounded subtotal, as opposed to calculating the qty times the rounded unit total.   Your workflow will determine if you need to round the invoice or not.

This popup will let you control if the invoice rounds or not:

  • Click OK to change the quantity to 1 and round the line subtotal.
  • Click Cancel to not change the quantity and calculate the line subtotal from the standard quantity x rounded unit price.

NOTE: WorkGuru will prompt with the popup for every line on the invoice that may cause the rounding issue.   You may need to click OK or Cancel multiple times to process the invoice.

You can also round the invoice totals manually using the Rounding and Tax Rounding fields in the totals summary of the invoice.